Meet Elaine

I truly believe that you cannot put people into neat little boxes. Neither can gift baskets. Each event or occasion is so different and personal that it has to be made especially to fit the person the gift basket is going to or the event or the occasion. 

Sometimes by seeing visuals a person sees exactly what they want or need and it strikes a chord. There are those times where somebody has a vision or part of an idea and it is your job to be a magician and create this amazing, eye-catching creation, I believe that gift baskets,favors and centerpieces are an artform and that you have to be an aritst to transform an empty container into something amazing and unique. 

First off, you have to love what you do and I can truly say that I do. I get such a "high" each time I finish a project and can honestly say this is the way it was meant to look! I am a perfectionist and would not send out anything that did not have my stamp of approval. 

We want each customer no matter how small or big the order is to be perfectly happy so we will be their go to company in the future. Every customer gets personal attention from the beginning to the end. We stand by our word. When we say an order will be delivered by a certain date,it is there. 

Uniqueness is very important in a business such as mine. I always keep my eye out for unusual and eye catching containers to use to make gift baskets. I recently found the need to use a great big martini glass for a project. A high heel shoe was also recently made for a "Sex in the City" basket. You have to stay current. I also keep my eye out for new and interesting products that I can add to my repertoire. The day the creative juices stop flowing is the day to say."I am finished creating." I don't see this happening any time soon because I get more energized and excited as time goes by with the possibilities!!!!!!!